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Welcome to Dreamway's Maine Coon!
I started my Maine Coon breeding in 2001 and have had Maine Coons since 1999. I strive to breed cats with excellent temperament and standard. Tests all my breeders for HCM both DNA testing and by ultrasound scan cat's heart. I breed my cats in the home and the cats have free access to the entire apartment. The kittens are at least 12 weeks when they are ready to move to its new owner. They are then veterinary inspected not earlier than 7 days before delivery. They are vaccinated twice and dewormed. And of course, they are also ID-marked and has a Fife / Sverak pedigree.


Marina Jönsson
Skolgatan 16
S-718 31 Frövi
Telephone +46 (0) 581 777502




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